Woody and Moms Jeanne’s Joint Birthday Celebration!

Moms and son Woody...

Moms and son Woody...

This year’s annual summer vacation to visit his moms in her retreat to her Sierra Mountains cabin, where at 100 venerable years of experiencing the foibles of our human species, she sill lives self sufficiently independently alone, they retreated to the surf-filled beaches of the Mendocino beaches to celebrate their joint birthdays totaling 176 years!!

I met Moms Lomas at her summer visit to the east coast to visit her son at his home and instantly fell in love with her, and if I maybe  permitted a smug, self-serving conviction, that she did the same with ME!  (At least I can safely surmise by her saving and displaying all the Asian New Year’s lunar calendars I’ve brushed and sent to her as though they are some sort of Tang Dynasty art treasures — even I don’t do that!).

I really feel fortunate and proud to have a genuine centenarian as a loving friend!  I am looking forward to having a supercentenarian friend in the near future, “Long Live Moms Lomas!”  “Moms Lomas Wan Sui!”

Life begins, fr’sure at...  100!

Moms and son Woody...


Sheng Ri Kuaile!