Photo Credit:  ms.akr

Photo Credit: ms.akr

Learn a wide range of taiji (Tai Chi) empty hand and weapon forms.  While the majority of classes focus on a traditional hand form, these offerings are rounded out by two other hand forms, several weapons forms, and different approaches to push hands.  Taiji classes are offered on weeknights as well as longer seminars held every Saturday.

Our school's focus is on helping students develop a firm understanding of fundamentals and principles that will allow them to create a meaningful practice outside of class.  We encourage them to learn the Form themselves rather than follow a leader and being dependent on a class to practice.  The curriculum builds a student from the ground up; starting with the feet and legs (stance work), moving through properly aligned joints and spine, expressing through their arms and fingers with applications of form.  A student can start from zero and move though an integrated system of empty hand Form, two person experiences and weapons work for a comprehensive knowledge of the vast art of taijiquan.

Mongo!  The black bamboo pavilion school's mascot!   ...."rest posture" on stone pathway...

Mongo!  The black bamboo pavilion school's mascot!

...."rest posture" on stone pathway...


Taiji Class and workshop schedule

Weekly classes are held throughout the triangle.  Longer workshops are held monthly on Saturday mornings.

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Student Corner

Student Corner is a blog that explores taiji concepts and encourages critical thinking in our students.  

LaoMa's Blog

LaoMa's blog documents his time in China and other stories and experiences he's had along his taiji journey.

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