77 What a trip: Selden's Traditional Song for LaoMa

For those of you unable to make the party this Saturday,  we thought we'd share the most popular attraction - Selden traditionally creates unique lyrics to a popular tune and enchants us all with a song for LaoMa.  This year it was set to the tune :77 Sunset Strip!

Happy birthday to The Ma!!!  May you have many more! 

(sung to the tune of 77 Sunset Strip)

77 what a trip (snap snap)
77 who’s the hip-
est guy in town
(write this down)

He’s the one with crazy facial hair
A master story-teller so take care
To listen good
(you know you should)

He’s the guy who was New Hampshire bred
Although it wasn’t long before he fled
Into the Corps
(of course there’s more)

A lovely daughter and the greatest son
3 grand-kids and soon to be the first Great-One
On his way
(But NOT today)

77 that’s a lot of years
77 Have no fears
He’ll last a while
Each year in style

He’s got a lot of wushu left to dance
No need to leave it only up to chance
We’ll drag him through
Me & you

He’s met the most amazing people here
An odd assortment to be clear, but
That’s our guy
77 years gone by
77 my oh my
77 that’s our guy