Bamboo Tea pot and cups

The tea pot and cups were among the pieces Mrs Ma (Selden!) displayed in the "Bynum Bridge Fest" art show yesterday, 4/23/16, a successful all-day event down on the Haw River, 2/10 mile down the hill from Black Bamboo Pavilion.  The leaves on both teapot and lid were made from black bamboo growing around both the pavilion and pottery studio!  The Bridge Fest, the first of an anticipated yearly outdoor event, drew many artists of different disciplines, food trucks and a parade of people down to the old one-lane bridge.  Students from the Black Bamboo Pavilion's 4th Saturday of the month Quan Seminar (Wudangshan 108 Taijiquan, Tangquan, and Liuhebafaquan) were able to walk down and enjoy the art experience at seminar's end!

Selden Teapot.JPG