Visiting students are encouraged to contact us to let us know you'll be visiting with us.  Drops ins are welcome but a heads up is appreciated.  Visitors are encouraged to participate in the class in order to get a good understanding of the movements and for how classes are organized.  

Most classes start with a warm up consisting of qigong (breath work) and a fundamental walking form. The class then perform a portion of the taijiquan Form.  Afterwards, most classes will then break up students into smaller groups for directed focus and learning.

1.       First time students are not encouraged to pay for first class at that time.  Returning for a second class indicates that they have decided to join that class and payment for the first class will be due at that time.  The first class payment can be included as part of the block payment (see below). If, after the introductory class, a student decides not to continue it is a free introduction. 

2.      Class fees are $15 per class, if paid in monthly blocks of 4-5 weeks (some students may arrange to pay in 8-10-or quarterly blocks).  Monthly installments are preferred, either 4 or 5 weeks depending on how many weeks are in the month, due on the first class date of the month.  Each payment should include a note with the dates of the classes that month they plan to attend.

3.      In addition to class dues, beginning student are presented with a green sash ($10) and two workbooks.  One book is an instruction book on our qigong Form, "Eight Pieces of Brocade/Ba Duan Jin" ($10.00) and "Four Flower-Five Element Exercise/Si Hua-Wu Xing Gong" ($8.00).  The total of $28 is the sum of extra payment due in addition to class fees and is due within the first month of classes.

4.       Class fees are placed in a red envelope (hong bao) and should include a note with the student's name and dates and number of classes included in payment.  These should be ready when arriving at class and should left in the designated spot BEFORE class begins. The senior student (Violet, Dorothy or Garry) assisting with class will frequently have an extra envelope if you find yourself without one.

5.       We do not accept credit cards but checks and, much preferred cash, are acceptable.  Seminars, workshops and private lessons are all to be paid in cash.

6.       If a student knows they will not be able to make a certain class date, they do not have to prepay that date. A prepaid class missed for any reason can be made up in other classes; it is not carried over to the next month.

7.       Students are encouraged to come to class with an empty cup!  We all try to leave teachings from previous teachers at the door and focus on what is being taught in class.

8.       Martial arts schools have wude (the relationship between teacher-student, student-student, and student-teacher; guidelines for class behavior) Please be sure to visit Black Bamboo Pavilion’s wude list to familiarize yourself with class etiquette.  (