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Taiji Weapons

  • Laughing Mountain Pavilion 2621 Princeton Ave Durham United States (map)

This class conforms to a student’s interest. A variety of different weapons can be learned and honed during this class. Weapons taught include short stick, hooked cane, sword (jian), knife (dao), fan, tassel sword, bien (emporer’s whip), two person stick, etc.

Taiji weapons forms are used to expand a player's taiji vocabulary, extend their taiji energy and allows them to begin to manipulate objects with taiji principles.

Students are encouraged, but not required, to have started learning a taiji empty hand form and have good base of fundamentals. Students who have not had any previous weapon experienced are also encouraged to learn the stick form first as it’s a good beginner’s weapon.

For a detailed description of this class, click here.

Teacher: Violet Anderson
Please contact Violet Anderson 919-923-4464 or LaoMa 919-542-0688 for more information.


In the Chinese tradition, this is an outdoor pavilion and classes meet year round.