Students learn calligraphy by trying to exactly replicate Chinese characters.  The workshops use models sent out before each workshop.  These models include the English, pinyin with tone marks and stroke order. A list of the characters used in the past can be found here.

Chinese calligraphy, or shufa, can be a very medatative activity. For taiji practitioners, it can also provide a way to focus on sensitivity and pressure of touch.

Chinese Brushwork

One of the essential 'gentleman's' arts, Chinese calligraphy or brushwork is for both visual artists and martial artists alike.  This discipline allows the student too focus on brush, ink, paper and composition proving a unique approach to sensitivity with both the visual and the physical art.  Visual artists will learn a traditional approach to applying ink to paper through pressure alone.  Martial artists will develop an eye for detail, intense focus, and a high sensitivity for pressure and transmitting energy to external presence.