Ongoing: drop-ins welcome. Tuesdays, 8:00-9:30pm

Ladd Family Martial Arts, 7340 Creedmoor Rd, Stonehenge Shopping Ctr. (See for directions.)

$15 per class when paying in advance for four or more classes; single class $20.

This is a traditional form that is suggested for improving balance, focus and meditative aspects.  It is taught one posture at a time, at the student's pace, with an intensive focus on fundamentals in movement.  Wudangshan 108 Taijiquan is a comprehensive starting point for anyone interested in the art of taijiquan.

It is a long empty hand form with the same posture list as the commonly taught Yang style; however, each posture generally contains a few more movements or applications.  The form has 154 postures and, when performed in its entirety, takes 45 minutes or longer to complete one full practice.  Students usually learn the form in roughly 2 years but are able to start benefiting from the practice of the form after a month or so, as principles of movement are ingrained.

One time visitors (perhaps you're visiting the area?) are welcome to join any class or seminar. They will be able to experience a small bit of our form and explore our focus on fundamentals, stance work and applications.  The single class rate of $20 would apply.

Teacher: LaoMa; Senior Student; Garry Williams
Please contact LaoMa for more information.