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  • Black Bamboo Pavilion 1000 Hackberry Lane Durham, NC, 27705 United States (map)

Ongoing. Magic Tortoise students, drop-ins welcome. Other taiji students please contact Lao Ma before attending.
Mondays, 7:30-9 pm. 


Recommended for all players, two person work is used to explore the interaction aspect of taiji.  Students can explore the importance of principles while applying the techniques practiced in the taiji empty hand forms.  Push hands (tui shou) partners help each other relax, center, listen, and express application

Push hands can be explored as an informative companion to the the form and also as a competitive exploration of the martial side of taiji.  Both approaches to push hands are explored in the push hands class and monthly workshop. Beginning push hands students are highly encouraged to attend the 2nd Saturday workshop that is held monthly.  The Monday night push hands class includes technique and drill training as well as exploration of free pushing. Periodically, the Monday class may also offer practice in tournament-style push-hands, during which each participant will have an opportunity to be a competitor, referee, judge, timekeeper, and scorekeeper.

Wholistic Health Studio1000 Hackberry Lane, Durham, NC 27705, on the border of Chapel Hill and Durham. The center is centrally located between Chapel Hill and Durham and has easy access from I-40. $15 per class when paying in advance for four or more classes; single class $18.(Preceded by Wudangshan, above).

Teacher: Lao Ma; Senior Student: Violet Anderson
Please contact LaoMa for more information.