Raise in Rank: John Rhodes

Join us in celebrating a new Senior Student to the Black Bamboo Pavilion Taijiquan School!!

John Rhodes raised his rank on Thursday this week! 

John has trained diligently for 4 years (joining us in Oct 2012).  Although he completed the whole form in a little over three years, he took some time to solidify the entire form in his memory before testing. Wudangshan 108 is a taijiquan form that really consists of 154 postures spread over 6 sections which a seasoned practioner usually does in just over 45 minutes.  John completed in 35 minutes and is now considered to be at the beginning of his training.  John has supplemented empty hand form classes with the push hands class and the weapons class, giving him time to work on function, applications and fundamentals in different settings.  He will not continue the never ending task of refining the form by getting corrections, exploring function and endless rounds of repetition!!

As Master Jou says – John will start to fill the empty shoe box!! 

Congratulations to our taiji brother John!