Push Hands, Wrestling or ... ???

Sometimes discussions on Facebook can challenge us to think a bit deeper about our art from. And sometime they can just make us shake our heads….

Below is a series of screen shots of a recent discussion. We’re posting on Student Corner so that it is available to our students not on Facebook - especially our students interesting in interactive work.

Take a moment to read through the initial post and subsequent comments would be educational. We’ll take a few moments in upcoming classes to develop this into a conversation and perhaps a teach point or two! Or leave your comments below.

pic 1.PNG
pushhands discussion 2
push hands discussion 3
push hands discussion 4
push hands discussion 5

MMA vs. Taiji Master?

For those of you not on Facebook or without a feed full of taiji videos, this short video has been making the rounds.  It's very short - 10 second fight!  

"A (short) video has gone viral on Chinese social media today showing a "fight" between a mixed martial artist and a Tai Chi "master." (http://shanghaiist.com/2017/04/28/mma-vs-tai-chi.php)

Take a moment and share your thoughts through the comments link below.  

Possible Applications of Form?

The link below is to a video titled Tai Chi Master Fu Wing-fei: Applications.  Take a moment to watch it - it's short!  While he is demonstrating a different form's applications, these might be interesting to some of us.  Remember that are be multiple applications for each posture!  What things do you see in these demonstrations?  What lessons can you apply to your own practice and what things might you avoid. 

Leave your thoughts in the comments below.