Raises in Ranks!

Amelia Marlowe 2.jpg

We are happy to announce that a couple close members of our family have raised their ranks recently!!

Many of you know our classmate Dan Marlowe from Form and Push-Hands classes.  His wonderful wife Angela helped raise his rank to DAD! On Thursday, May 17th at 11:14pm, Amelia Grace Marlowe decided to “grace” them with her presence - a wee bit earlier than planned.  As of June 7th Amelia was up to 3 lbs and 9 oz!  Our thoughts are with the three of them.  Dan says she's feisty - and we love feisty ladies around here!!


And some of you may know LaoMa's granddaughter Stephenie gave him a bump up to Great Grand Daddy!!!  Kenneth The III weighs in 9lbs and 13oz.  Welcome to the family!

Great Grandbaby 2.jpg
Great Grandbaby.JPG