Raise in Rank - Desiree Goldman

red sash ceremony Desiree Goldman

We are so happy to have Desiree join our group of Senior Students!  

Desiree started studying with LaoMa several years ago.  She knew herself well enough to tuck the knowledge and skills of taiji in her back pocket and focus on her hard style martial arts study.  After a few years putting the smack down on others, Desiree returned to our small group in November 2013 and continued her taijiquan studies.

tai chi push Desiree Goldman

On May 15th, 2017, she successfully tested in her regular Monday night class in Durham for her Senior Sash!  The entire form was well executed and all in order!  As we all know, her true study begins now.  

This is just the start of the really fun part of taijiquan and we are happy to have Desiree join our ranks with her knowledge and focus!

Congratulations Desiree Goldman!

taiji red sash award Desiree Goldman