Ward Off Right Comparison Chart

All students learn different ways but I'm sure you've heard LaoMa recommend writing things down!!  It's always helpful to have notes to refer back to. 

Another good thing to do is to analyze your form for similarities and differences.  We've all been caught with a surprise pop quiz in class with questions like "how many Deflect, Parry, and Punch's are there in the form".

Wanda Neu is one example of this! Wanda has done this for all of the postures that she's learned so far and she's also compiled a comparison chart to keep the various versions of Ward-Off Right straight.  She's got each repetition of this oft repeated posture in a chart.  The differences are color coded in red for quick reference.

We're sharing her chart here (click here for a PDF of the chart) so that everyone can see one version of writing things down and analyzing the form. 

Writing down physical movement is always a challenge and we are all working on corrections and refining movements all the time.  Documents such as these are frequently 'living documents' and subject to change (as we all know the counts have a tendency to do once in a while) but it's great to see one version of documentation.

Thanks to Wanda for sharing this with us and letting us share it with all of you!