Quite an introduction to Taijiquan!

This Kung Fu Motion Visualization was shared by one of our students, Micah Sam, is very interesting!  This is close to what LaoMa says he experienced in 1964 when he was first introduced to taijiquan, at William C.C. Chen's New Your City School.  For those of you who were able to hear his tale of this experience at his birthday party last year, you may understand what he is referring to with that.  He says that his mind was in a different place and never rebooted.  After such an introduction, he never looked back.

Even for those of us under less of an outside influence, this is a compelling visual and I found myself wondering if the balance between the lower and upper body would be different if it were a taiji form.

It would also be well-received to hear from students what your first introduction to Taijiquan was like and how it influenced you to begin the study, practice and training in this wonderful art of ours!?