Check yourself!

One of the most valuable tool a student has is self observation and correction.  With this blog, we try to encourage our students to look at other people doing taiji and to reflect back on their own form.  What can we learn from what someone else is doing; what does this person do better than us? 

That being said - everyone hates to see themselves doing taiji!!  It's uncomfortable to look at your form and realize that our knees wobble and our backs aren't straight.  But over time, you can learn to see past the few pounds you need to loose and the bad hair day.  Taking a slightly removed attitude, you can learn so much from watching yourself!

a Rabbit and a Dog has a current blog post that is a wonder example of this!  Not only can we learn from her observations but we can learn from her example!  

Take a few minutes to review her observations of her own form and to see the demonstration of her Yang-style taijiquan. 

“If you can’t recognize your faults…
…you’ll never improve.”
This past week, we did a demonstration for Mei-Ling and her family members who were visiting the Center. I chose Taijiquan because I really enjoy training it and performing it in front of an audience makes me uncomfortable.
If there is something that makes me uncomfortable, I’ll usually do it as long as it’s relatively safe and builds a skill I want to have.
This is especially important for Taijiquan because I should be as soft and relaxed as possible and performing can bring me to the opposite state. I have to be physically soft and mentally centered not just for performances, but also if I’m ever in a situation where I have to use it.

Click here to continue reading.  You'll find her demonstration as well as self corrections she's noted.